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ABOUT THE marietta, ga AREA


The city of Marietta is a city in Cobb County Georgia, about twenty miles north west of Atlanta. As of the 2017 census, the estimate population was about 61,050, making it one of the post populated suburban areas. It is recognized for holding a high quality of life for its residents. As you wander through downtown Marietta, you will find several locally owned shops and restaurants. The town square also prides itself in hosting many city events, weekly farmers markets, and art strolls.

Marietta was originally settled as a railroad hub in the early 1800’s and during the Civil War years. Since then, it has experienced a great deal of growth. The city hosts several historical districts such as former cotton warehouses, Marietta Square, museums, and Civil War battle sites.

The area experiences hot and humid summers and mild winters. The favorable weather attracts many families and outdoor activities. The Marietta School System operates separately from the Cobb County school system. This outstanding charter school system has received many awards and is a positive atmosphere for children. The school system is also known for its wide range of academics.

Not only is Marietta suitable for families and children, it also hosts several college campuses and tech schools.


North of the Atlanta metropolitan area, Sandy Springs is Georgia’s sixth largest city with a population of about 107,000. It is just east of Marietta and north of Atlanta. This city is the home of many corporate headquarters such as Cox Communications, USPS, IBM Corp, and Mercedes Benz. Throughout the years, the city has experienced steady growth and home builds. Largest employers in the area are hospitals and regional offices from a variety of industries. In Sandy Springs, you can experience a variety such as big city life, family friendly fun, hundreds of acres of parks, and warm hospitality from local shops and restaurants.

Sandy Springs, Georgia
Roswell, Georgia


Roswell is a suburb north of Sandy Springs in Fulton County, Georgia.  Population is about 95,000. Just like many places in the south and its surrounding areas, there are plenty of good places to eat. Roswell is known for its historical sites and beautiful outdoor scenery.

Dunwoody, Georgia


Another suburb of Atlanta, Dunwoody is just east of Sandy Springs and north east of Atlanta. The population is about 50,000.


Atlanta, the capital of Georgia, has about half a million people living there. Atlanta is the 39th most populated city in the U.S. This city played a big role during the Civil War, until it got burnt to the ground.  in the 1960s, Atlanta became a major organizing center for the Civil Rights movement.

Because of its location and accessibility to other cities, Atlanta has become the unofficial capital of the south, a well known gathering place. Atlanta is considered more “city’ than “southern” because most of the buildings historically got burned during the Civil War. The beautiful sky scrapers stand out among the thick, lush trees of the south.

City of Atlanta, Georgia
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