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ceiling fan installation 

marietta, ga

Mr. Perfect Handyman is proud to offer Ceiling Fan Repair and Installation Services in the East Cobb and Sandy Springs areas. Ceiling Fan Installation prices vary according to the type of fan, ceiling height, etc. Please reach out for a personalized quote.

That wind-chill effect from your ceiling fan does somehow improve the quality of your life. But that's not all.

Fans, when supported by other energy-saving measures, can help you cut your electric bill.


A carefully selected fan is to a room what a well-finished kitchen or bathroom is — a focal point. Fans enhance the character of the spaces that use them. But no one likes wobbly or rattling fans, which in some cases can be repaired but in others need to be replaced.

Ceiling Fan Styles

Most people likely see fans as chiefly functional devices. But who doesn't want beauty in their rooms? The market offers endless choice when it comes to fan styles and sizes. Getting the right fan can be a daunting task.  Fan styles range from contemporary, tropical, and rustic to transitional, nautical, farmhouse and Victorian. Most fans come with lights, or they'll allow you to add lights. Whether a fan looks appealing or not is a matter of personal preference, though. 

Choosing The Correct Size Fan 

If you're in the market for a new ceiling fan, you may have noticed that they come in various sizes. Establishing the proper ceiling fan size for your room secures the fan's performance and longevity, as well as the comfort and safety of the room occupants. Figuring out the right fan diameter for your space may seem complicated but it is pretty simple. My recommendation is as follows:

room size

(in square feet)

Up to 75

fan size:


room size

(in square feet)


fan size:


room size

(in square feet)


fan size:


room size

(in square feet)


fan size:


Hugger Ceiling Fan Installation Marietta, GA

Ceiling Fan Mounting Options

Regardless of the style you choose, the height of your ceiling is a critical consideration as well. Most fans offer multiple mounting possibilities. I've handled almost every mounting option you've heard of including standard mounts, extended mounts, flush mounts, and sloped mounts. You'll need to decide the mounting option you need, feel free to reach out and consult with me as your preferred Marietta ceiling fan installation and maintenance consultant.  

Flush and Standard Mounts

Flush mounts directly attach your fan to the ceiling. You can install most

standard fans as a flush mount for ceilings lower than eight feet. But we

usually recommend low-profile or “hugger” fans for ceilings 8 – 9 feet

high. Flush mount fans have their blades further away from the floor.

You probably shouldn't expect them to circulate as much air as some

other mounts. 

Extended and Sloped Mounts

For rooms with extra-high ceilings, I can install using an extension rod that coordinates with your fan. Sloped mount ceiling fans help you stay cool in rooms with angled or vaulted ceilings. 

Better Quality Fans are Rarely Wobbly

Everyone wants to save a dime when shopping for their fan. But when it comes to ceiling fans, the cheapest option mostly works against your finances. Relatively expensive fans are the culmination of sophisticated manufacturing techniques and processes. You're often better off with them.

Most relatively expensive fans come with well-balanced blades. Also, these fans feature equally good-quality motor rotors and blade holders. In my experience, such fans experience significantly lower wobbling and run smoothly and quietly for years to come.


As long as the fan gets correctly installed and stays

balanced, you'll not keep replacing it.

Often referred to as the best fan installation expert 

in Marietta GA, I can install your fan carefully,

helping you enjoy the long-term benefits of an

efficiently running centerpiece. 


Lower Your Replacement and

Maintenance Costs in the Long run

Nothing prevents you from installing your ceiling fan.

Do-it-yourselfers are always doing it over the weekend.

But can you spare the time required? Want to spend

time learning a skill you'll probably use just once?

There's a reason lots of homeowners and renters hire

ceiling fan installation Marietta GA professionals. 

We keep getting requested to balance wobbly fans in

Marietta GA. We've served hundreds of Georgia's homeowners in areas such as Smyrna, East Cobb, Roswell, Sand Springs, and Dunwoody. Call for availability if you live outside these locations.  

Bedroom Ceiling Fan Installation in Roswell, GA
Wiring and Switching Methods for Your Ceiling Fan

You can power your fans and lights using pull chain switches. In that case, you may not need wall-mounted switches. But you've got to pull power from somewhere, of course. 

You can also control lights and fans using mounted wall switches. You can opt to have same-switch controls for your fan and lights. Or you can have separate switches — one for light and the other for the fan. You can also mount a wall switch for turning the lights on or off while using the pull chain to power the fan. But people are increasingly choosing ceiling fans with remote controls.

Fans with Remote Controls are all the Rage

Remote controls have transformed the way homeowners control their ceiling fans. Pull chains are all right, but a ceiling fan with remote controls delivers convenience. Turning your fan on or off, changing the speed or direction settings are easily manageable without rising from the coach. Besides, remote controls make the lives of people with mobility limitations a lot easier and more comfortable. 

Final Thoughts

Whether you favor pull chain fans or prefer remote-controlled ones, getting them installed correctly is critical. Quality fans might cost more, but they'll save you money in the end. Most cheap fans don't always run efficiently. They'll likely start wobbling and rattling at some point down the road. Such fans are rarely balanced, and you'll probably keep replacing them.

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