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Leaking faucets can lead to costly repairs or replacement. Even worse, dripping faucets can have you wasting thousands of gallons of water each year. Now, that doesn't help your finances! Nor does it help save Mother Earth. Faucet manufacturers deserve a little praise for making excellently-engineered products. Most faucets can last a decade. But everyone repairs their faucet or installs a new one at some point. Always hire an expert faucet repairman - Marietta GA handyman.

Faucet Styles

Touch Kitchen Faucet Installation in East Cobb, GA

Faucets come in different sizes, shapes, and styles. Every homeowner can find a faucet style that allows them to express their individuality. You can pick a traditional, transitional, or industrial style. You can also go with a modern or farmhouse style.

Modern and Contemporary Styles

These faucets have simple, sharp lines. They feature clean, rounded forms. A modern and contemporary style suitably fits a modern-style bathroom. Modern and contemporary styles allow you to step into a world where efficiency and elegance work together perfectly.

Traditional Style Faucets

These faucets introduce a sense of heritage to your kitchen and bathrooms. These beautiful pieces let you say to others that you appreciate and respect the classic craftsmanship of the past. They have features that balance ease of use with elegantly fine details. You'll end up with a gracious and comfortable look that's noticeably authentic.

Industrial Styles

Industrial styles feature industrial-inspired design details. Their

design features might include exposed springs, cross handles,

knurled detailing, or industrial-style lever. An industrial-style

faucet may have a vintage or rustic finish.

Transitional styles 

Transitional-style faucets stand somewhere between contemporary and traditional styles. They offer more detailing than modern styles. "Sleek" is how you'd describe them best. 

Modern Brass Bathroom Faucet Installation in Marietta, GA
Farmhouse Faucet Installation in Atlanta, GA


Modern farmhouse is currently a super popular design style.

A wide variety of faucets can work with this eclectic style,

from matte black to brass to a classic gooseneck - all of

these can compliment your farmhouse sink perfectly!

Whether it's a new home or you've decided to renovate,

you want your faucet's style to match with the overall style.

A kitchen can transform your home. And the right faucet

style accessorizes your spaces the same way a carefully

selected piece of jewelry accessorizes your stylish clothes.   

Regardless of the style you select, your pick is going to be

a one-handle, two-handle, gooseneck, or touchless faucet.

Whether your faucet is a single-handle, two-handle,

or touchless, it's a gooseneck faucet most of the time. 

One-handle Faucets

Single-handle faucets are easier to use and install than two-handle faucets. Also,

they take up less space than their two-handle counterparts. However, you may not

perform temperature adjustments as precisely as

you might with a two-handle faucet.

Touchless Faucets

These faucets use an activator with a sensor. The best ones have the activator on their front side. Convenience is the main benefit these faucets offer. I recently installed the Delta Trinsic Touch Faucet in my own home and we absolutely love it. It's great for those moments your hands are messy, you can just gently touch it with your arm to turn on or off.

Faucet Finishes


Two-handle Faucets

The two handle-faucet is a traditional setup with two separate handles, one for hot

and the other for cold water.  With these faucets, you perform more precise

temperature adjustments than with a one-handle faucet. But a two-handle faucet is

somewhat harder to install than a single-handle faucet. You probably should hire a

faucet repair Marietta GA expert to fix or install your two-handle faucet.

A new faucet is an opportunity to introduce a new design element to your kitchen or bathroom. There are no "strict" rules when it comes to choosing the right faucet finish. Your intuition should lead you to what would work best for you. 

The different types of faucet finishes available allow you much flexibility and choice. You can choose nickel, chrome, bronze or stainless steel finishes. If you'd like a warmer tone, pick brass, copper, bronze, or gold. 

Metallic finishes look stunning, but nonmetallic finishes are also great.  For metallic finishes, the options range from polished to brushed and satin finishes. Brushed nickel, stainless steel, and bronze are arguably the most popular finishes.

Chrome Bathtub Faucet Installation in Sandy Springs, GA

Stainless Steel Finishes

Durable and easy to maintain, a stainless steel finish could

easily replace a chrome finish. One reason to choose stainless

steel is that it shows spots less easily than chrome.

A stainless steel finish costs as much as a nickel finish.

Chrome finishes

Chrome finishes are affordable, easy to maintain, and durable.

Polished chrome fits modern-style kitchens perfectly well.

For other kitchen styles, you may consider brushed-chrome

finishes. If you have stainless steel appliances and sinks, you

probably should choose a kitchen faucet with a

stainless steel finish.

Nickel finishes 

A nickel finish is as durable as any chrome finish and can readily be found in most hardware stores. Nickel finishes endure water spots and scratches much better than chrome. However, you'll have to spend more for a neat, nickel finish. For a transitional-style kitchen, a nickel faucet finish is a natural choice.

Bronze Finishes

For a rustic, traditional, or Old World, go with a bronze faucet finish.  A bronze finish has you paying more than you would for either a nickel or brass finish, though. Homeowners are beginning to think oil-rubbed bronze finishes would look great in their kitchens. 

An oil-rubbed bronze finish is an excellent choice for when you want a kitchen with an antique feel. It's durable, affordable, and ageless. A brushed-bronze finish looks a bit darker than an oil-rubbed bronze finish.

Gooseneck Faucet Installation Marietta, GA

Why Faucets Leak

A simple faucet repair that would cost you $150 now can end up

setting you back $800 down the road.

Take action now.

But what causes faucet leaks? 

A Loose or Worn-out O Ring

The O ring is a part of the stem screw that holds your faucet's handle

in place. The O-ring leak is specific to cartridge faucets. A loose or

worn-out O ring lets water pass. Replacing it solves the problem.

I can replace your O-ring within a short time.

When there's Corrosion in Your Faucet's valve seat

If your faucet has a corroded valve seat, it will leak. Sediments in the water lead to the corrosion observed. Corrosion can cause leakage around the spout. I can help you regularly clean the valve seat.

Friction in Your Faucet

A Worn-out washer can also cause leakage in your faucets. Every time you use your faucet, friction occurs between the washer and the valve seat. A worn-out washer leads to constant dripping around your faucet's spout area. The problem affects compression faucets. Solution? Replace the washer.

Engaging the Wrong Faucet Repair Marietta GA Plumber

Sometimes, you hire the wrong faucet repair Marietta GA handyman. They might incorrectly install the washer. Or maybe the washer isn't the right size. This will obviously require repair quite soon after installation and may cause you damage.

Leaking Faucets Waste Water and Damage Your Countertops and Cabinets

Studies find that a faucet that leaks a drop every second wastes roughly 3,000 gallons of water in a year! Also, a leaking sink or faucet can damage your kitchen countertops or cabinets. The damage tends to be greater in small kitchens. Wood or laminate countertops "suffer" more than other types of countertops. 

Relatively older homes tend to see leaking sinks and rotten faucets more frequently than new homes. Let a qualified faucet repair plumber repair or install your kitchen sink or faucet.

Final Thoughts

Your kitchen and bathrooms need to look and feel aesthetically pleasing and inviting. You should choose your faucets right, keeping your overall style in mind. Most importantly, you should have your faucets and sinks installed or fixed by the right faucet repair expert. Not sure if your faucet needs to be replaced or repaired? Feel free to reach out to me to consult.


*Remember to clear out that cabinet below the kitchen sink so that I can start working as soon as I arrive!


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