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mailbox installation + Repair

marietta, ga

Whether you are looking to repair or replace

your mailbox, Mr. Perfect Handyman can

get the job done!


There is something about a charming mailbox on the curb of a house in Marietta, GA that makes everything look and feel more “homey”. If you prefer a personal residential mailbox, it can add a lot to your curb appeal.


Mailboxes come in all different shapes and sizes. That being said, you can’t just pick any mailbox to be installed on your front curb. To many, mailboxes aren’t just there to hold letters and mail, they are an extension of the home and often the homeowners’ personality. You, of course, want it to match your house. To get the best look, the mailbox can match details of the house like the front door, window panels, etc.

When searching for the right mailbox, make sure to search for something that is resistant to weather and rust.


Post Mounted Boxes are the most popular mailboxes in Marietta, Atlanta, and surrounding areas in Georgia. They always have been, and always will be, in style.


This simple but practical piece can create curb appeal and add value to a home. Post Mounted Boxes generally consist of a 4”x4” wooden post and a standard box mounted to it. If preferred, fun-shaped mailboxes and accessories are also available to further customize it. Accessories include house number displays, homeowner’s name, locks, newspaper holders, and mail flags.


Some boxes can be manufactured to resemble different shapes or animals. The posts can also have special or intricate engravings.

Wall Mounted Boxes are generally placed on the front door of your home. Just like the Post Mounted Boxes, Wall Mounted Boxes can be made in all shapes and sizes. They are usually made of light metals or durable plastics. Styles can range from rustic to modern to victorian .


Concrete Mailboxes also create curbside appeal and can be made to match the outside of the home. For example, if you pride yourself in living in a beautiful brick home, a cement mailbox with brick finish would look beautiful on your curb. These are generally constructed with the box and a pillar of concrete. These are also considered the most stable mailboxes. I don't construct these types of post.


Cast Stone Mailbox Posts can provide the stacked stone look for a much lower cost. These are lightweight and made of durable cast stone. These types of mailbox posts do no require cement blocks or cement work at all, they actually slide over a wooden post. High quality cast stone material and solid construction are built to withstand years of harsh weather conditions. These make a great option that I am happy to install!


Unfortunately, when driving goes awry, mailboxes are often the first thing to get hit due to its close proximity to the street. There are many requests to fix or repair damaged mailboxes that have suffered from the impact of a car. Fortunately, as Marietta, GA locals, we have the means and professionality to provide that repair or replacement. Whether you just need a mailbox installed or custom made, whatever your requests may be, those needs can be met with an experienced mailbox repairman and installer. It is important to have the right tools, anchors, and materials to deliver best results. Hiring a general contractor for mailbox repairs is not necessary, and it can be two to three times more expensive.


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Surely, mailboxes are an extension of the home and can add value and curb appeal. Nothing beats the feel and look of a mailbox that completes the Marietta, GA home in such a particular way.

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