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Swing Set Installation

marietta, ga

As a family-owned business, we want to encourage and help families in the Marietta, GA area to play outside together. Having a great quality swing set right in your backyard is the best way for parents and children to have fun outside. Whether you are looking for something basic or multi-level, we can help design and install the best playset for your family. Someone who is equipped with the tools and knowledge to build and assemble the right swingset can insure the best fun and safety features.


Wooden Playsets

No one can ever go wrong with a nice, old fashioned feel of a wooden swing. For construction of  wooden swing sets, cedar and redwood are most commonly used. Not only are they strong and sturdy timber, they are resistant to water, rot and insects. This is preferable for a swingset as you want your structure to last through years of play and wear and tear. Wooden swing sets needs to be made of wood that is first-rate; stained and sealed for maximum weight and endurance. Structurally sound for years. Swing sets also made of pine, fir, and spruce.

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Metal Swing Sets

Another very sturdy material option for swing sets are metal. Overall maintenance of a metal swing set is pretty lowkey. However, unlike wood, metal isn’t as resistant to water and rust, so checking for these signs must be taken into consideration. One also might need to consider placing a metal swing set in the shade so it doesn’t get too overheated in the Marietta, Georgia sun. Overall maintenance of metal, though is not too overwhelming. You can count on long-lasting strength if you choose to go with a metal swing set.

Safety Features

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Although swing sets allow children to be rowdy and playful, it is important to ensure your children’s safety as well. A carefully constructed play set includes sturdy and accessible handles, walls for multi-level structures, and extra accessories like rope and heavy duty pillars. Coated swing chains help little hands not to get pinched by the metal swing chains. It is also necessary to have professional-grade fixtures. Wooden playsets must have lumber that is precoated and sanded to prevent splinters and cuts.

Cement Install

When choosing the right playset for your family, safety must come first. For local Marietta, Georgia yards, grass is always versatile because of the humidity. Although, there are many creative ways to anchor swing sets to the ground, cement installation is the most secure way to ensure that the structure isn’t going anywhere. Generally speaking, cement installation requires digging into the ground, anchoring swing set legs to solid concrete, and reburrying them into the ground. With the correct materials and skills to discern complications that can come up with structure materials and the outside ground, you can have peace of mind knowing your children are safe playing on your new swing set.


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Children love slides because it is fast moving and exciting.

Marietta, GA swing sets can include protected slides as well.

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Climbing Features

Another popular feature for play sets are rock walls. Children love to climb and a rock wall allows them to do just that. More climbing features include monkey bars and ladders.

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Tire Swing

To put it simply, this popular swing is made out of a tire and connected to the playset by chains or rope.

Sling Swing

The most popular and most basic type of swing that ensures fun for everyone.

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Horse Glider

Another crowd favorite, most Horse Glider swings allow up to two children to swing together in sitting position.

High back full bucket

Also known as toddler swings, these safe but fun swings are a must have for families with littles.

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Assembling an entire playset for your children can be a very daunting project. When installing a new swingset, it is important to know what you are working with. For injury prevention and plenty of play space, general rule of thumb says you need at least six extra feet of space on all sides of the entire swing set. Although the ground in Marietta, GA is pretty flat, that doesn’t necessarily guarantee that it is completely level. Poorly installed playsets may cause more damage and conflicts. Homeowners are better off hiring professional help to assure a positive swing set installation experience.

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For any Marietta, GA family, no yard is complete without a safe and worth-your-money swing set. With so many options to choose from, your child is guaranteed to have fun while enjoying the outdoors.

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