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Mounting your TV on the wall can enhance the appearance of your living space and provide a sleek, modern look. Consider the height you would like your TV hung on the wall above a piece of furniture. 


Mr. Perfect Handyman offers TV mounting services in Marietta, GA as well as Sandy Springs, Roswell and Dunwoody.


Quality installation of any TV size or brand and on any wall type. Mr. Perfect Handyman has experience installing various types of TV wall mounts like fixed, pivot or rotating.


I can install your TV Wall Mount above your fireplace, above a dresser or console, really anywhere you would like.

Suitable Wall Types for Mounting a TV

TV wall mounts can usually be installed on brick or sheetrock walls. It is important to drill into the studs when installing a TV wall mount so that the mount is secure and strong. Regardless of the make and model of your

flat screen television, most TV wall mount brackets are universal. 

Do Not Try This At Home ;-)

Having your TV mounted by a professional is crucial. Attempting to mount your

TV yourself is a stressful task, especially if you do not have the required tools.

You may miss the stud and therefor cause damage to your wall once the tv is

hung. It may stay up there for a few minutes, but it will quickly fall - tearing

down the wall with it and perhaps breaking. If you do not want to have to

replace your TV and/or hurt anyone that may be in front of it when it falls,

have a Professional TV Mount Installer tackle this one!

Incorrect TV Wall Mount Installation

selecting your bracket - TV Mounting Bracket Types

When purchasing a TV Wall Mount Bracket, the main thing you need to confirm is that the bracket is suitable for the size of your TV. Whether your flat screen is 36 inches or 65 inches, there is a wide selection of TV wall mount brackets available and suitable for all sizes.

Fixed TV Wall Mount Bracket Marietta GA

Fixed TV Wall Mount

Tilting TV Wall Mount Marietta GA

Tilting TV Wall Mount

Full Motion TV Wall Mount Bracket

Full Motion Tv Wall Mount

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Fixed TV Wall Mount

The most basic type but, in most cases this is all that you need. This type of mount is also called a 'flat' or 'low profile' TV wall mount. An advantage is that your TV will be closest to the wall as possible without sticking out into the room making the most of your flat screen. It's important with this mount to allow enough room to install cables behind the tv or to use a recessed outlet.

Tilting TV Wall Mount

Similar to the low profile wall bracket, but this mount will allow the screen to tilt up or down while staying attached to the wall. Most models allow about 15 degrees of tilting angle up or down when it is positioned on the wall. Having the ability to adjust the vertical angle of the screen can be an advantage when you need to mount the TV higher that the ideal viewing height. Angling the screen up or down can also be helpful in reducing glare from windows and lights.

If you are not sure if you need a fixed or tilting bracket - a tilting bracket is a wiser choice because it can be fixed as well. Leaving you the option to tilt in the future or as needed.

Full Motion TV Wall Mount

Fully articulating TV wall mount brackets are the most versatile type that you can buy. They are sometimes referred to as 'cantilever' as well. This type of mount will allow you to move the screen to almost any position! Also allowing easy day-to-day adjustments to the position of the screen as needed.

Though these mounts are fixed to the wall, even when the arm is closed, the TV will stick out some from the wall. The screen can easily be pulled out, turned left or right AND tilted up or down. Generally, these mounts are the most expensive yet they definitely give you the full range of motion and adjustment to justify their price.

Reach Out Today

No matter the type of mount you choose, make sure there is an electrical outlet close by to the installation location. An added service I provide is cable concealment - this depends on the type of wall, but can provide that clean look we all love.


You can count on me for all your TV wall mounting needs. Please reach out whether you have already purchased a wall mount or are looking for recommendations. 

TV Wall Mount installation

 marietta, ga

Get The Most Out Of Your Flat Screen TV

With Professional TV Mount Installation Service in Marietta, GA and surrounding cities (Roswell, Sandy Springs and Dunwoody)

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