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Why do I need a Video Doorbell you ask? A video doorbell allows you to see who's knockin' and to find out what they want without having to go to the door and even if you're not home. Struggling with the classic peephole? That can get smudged, wet and blocked, keeping you from knowing who's at your door - the pizza guy, a neighbor, a salesperson or a total stranger. Feel more secure in your home with video doorbell installation by your local handyman - me!


Mr. Perfect Handyman is a

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video doorbell installation

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types of video doorbells

There are tons of different video doorbell models and brands out there. Each have slightly different features and camera quality, but most will do the trick. Some models require hardline power, but don't worry, your existing doorbell likely already has the necessary wiring. The leading brands right now are Ring and Nest - I have installed many of both brands and customers are quite happy with their function!

Reasons To Consider A Video Doorbell

1. It Will Be Your Most Used Security Camera

You'll be able to see and talk to anyone at your doorstep no matter where you are - at work, at home or even on vacation. Seeing your packages delivered, knowing exactly when the kids got back from school - no more surprises!

2. The Price Point

Spending in and around $200 on a doorbell may sound a bit much but a Video Doorbell is so much more. If you consider all the features and security you will enjoy, it's really a great investment.

3. Compatibility

Most Video Doorbell's have apps compatible with all devices. You will be able to access you account on your PC, Mac, IPad or any smartphone.

ring video doorbell


Nest video doorbell

Ring's doorbell cams are also great performers, they offer wide viewing angles, 1080p resolution lens and their app is super user-friendly. The Ring Pro, though a bit on the pricey side, is recommended because you can customize motion zones. This helps detect any lurkers near your home and sends real-time notifications to your smartphone. Ring is also developing a community that allows users to share neighborhood-watch information and inform others about any suspicious or illegal activity. Recordings can be shared directly via the app.

Nest had started out as a smart thermostat company but their doorbell cam has probably the best-looking video and quality from the devices currently offered. Their microphone and speakers are also great allowing you to not only see, but talk to anyone at your doorstep. It's unique design displays a full view of your doorstep, so you can see your packages on the ground and see people from head to toe.


Nest's cam also has a facial-recognition feature that recognizes and can announce people when they are at your door. It's built-in night-vision capabilities delivers clear video any time of the day. 


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