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wall art hanging

marietta, Ga 

Need an excuse to display family pictures or showcase art you are proud of?

Wall art is a must-have for anyone who wants to feel more “at home” in their own home, but it must be done right to get the full effect.


When it comes to wall art, two things are very important; how it is attached and how it looks. Although hanging and displaying wall art may seem like a simple task, it can actually be very daunting. A professional handyman can make sure both are done well so you don’t have to worry.

Walls are made of many different materials! The most common wall in a Marietta, GA home is drywall. Other walls could be made with brick or concrete. Drywall, brick, and concrete walls each require different bits and screws and tools when attaching or hanging objects to them.

Gallery Wall Installation in Roswell, Georgia

Wall art comes in many different shapes and sizes; some pieces being

heavier than others. For lighter pieces, a simple nail may do fine at holding up. For heavier wall art, they would need to be attached with different anchors. If art is being displayed on drywall, anchors must be used if no stud is found behind the wall.

Although structure is important, when it comes to wall art, looks are EVERYTHING. Who wants a gallery of hanging pictures that are uneven and rickety? A professional handyman will have the tools necessary to make sure the art is level and pleasing to the eye. A professional will also know which tools and anchors to use so no walls or materials get ruined.


Gallery walls are all the rage right now. There are many different ways you can have your wall art arranged so that it looks most tasteful. Whether there is a display of family pictures, paintings, photography, or other art, it can change the feel of any room. There are many different ways to arrange your wall art. A gallery wall can also be dressed up with decorative shelves, light fixtures, mirrors, and a variety of other wall hangings.

Modern Gallery Wall in Buckhead Atlanta, Georgia

The Grid

If you choose to display your wall art in a grid, the frame size and shape is the same for each wall hanging. The arrangement of wall arts normally takes the shape of a square or rectangle, much like a “grid”.  This is a more simple approach if you are going for a more modern or contemporary look.

Traditional Gallery Wall Installation in Atlanta, GA

Eclectic Wall

Eclectic style derives from a broad range of styles and and colors. This style can pull from many different time periods as well to create a variety that is pleasing to the eye. Some may go more extreme while others may choose to stick with a few colors and style choices. The idea is to pull from many different textures and styles that will still compliment each other when it is all arranged. With an Eclectic wall, there are technically no rules as the wall art is displayed together in different sizes and colors.

Wall Art Hanging in Marietta, GA

Corner Gallery Wall

Any awkward corners in your home? Fill it with wall art! Corner gallery walls are another really trendy way to fill up extra space in your house. It is unique, but charming for any home in the Marietta, GA area.

Gallery Wall Layouts Handyman Marietta GA


Whether you are working with three pieces or fifty, there are many different layouts you can choose from to best display your wall art. Wall art looks great in every room in the house.



Whether you own your own house or live in a rental, you can add personality and warmth to make it feel more like home. All it takes is some customized and personalized wall art.

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