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weatherstripping Installation

marietta, ga


To put it simply, weatherstripping is a sealing that goes around the inside border of a door frame or window frame.

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The key to weatherstripping is to keep the air and moisture from traveling through the doors and windows.

In fact, many building codes require weatherstripping. So why not have it in your home?

Homeowners pay monthly to keep the temperature of the inside their homes comfortable, especially during the winter months when the weather cools down. The purpose of weatherstripping is to keep that warm or cool air in the home, without it “leaking” into the crevices of the doors and windows. Weatherstripping keeps the warm air in so that no wasted heat is going outside. Weatherstripping also helps keep out moisture when it is super icy and cold outside. Another great thing about weatherstripping is that it reduces noise. Overall, this sealing on doors and windows helps improve the overall comfort of your home and saves you money.


Door frames and window frames, old and new, are all different. Dimensions and materials must be taken into consideration when applying weatherstripping to doors and windows. If sealing is not applied correctly, it defeats the purpose and would need to be replaced more often. Weatherstripping must be done well as to guarantee best results and comfortability for a home.

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Materials such as rubber, felt, poly foam, or vinyl are most often used for this project. Foam is the most popular and cost effective sealing to use on an entryway door. They are very affordable and reliable as well. There are other times when weatherstripping uses materials like aluminum or brass, though these are less common.


A bottom door seal is exactly what it sounds like; a seal for the bottom of the door. This type of sealing varies from the rest of weatherstripping, as it is the most important. The purpose of a bottom door seal is to keep moisture, outside air, and unwanted crawlers out of the home. They should be installed at the bottom edge of a door as it swings into the house, as well as on the outside.

Options for bottom door seals are door sweeps, door shoes, and bulb thresholds.

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Door sweeps and door shoes come in many different materials ranging from metals to wood to rubber. They seal the gap between the bottom of the door and the threshold.

Door Thresholds are installed on the ground underneath the bottom of the door. This raises the space a little just off the ground. Thresholds work with door sweeps to seal the gap underneath the door.

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A combination of weather and opening and closing of the doors cause constant friction around the frame, especially on the bottom of the door. This friction causes sealings to wear out from time to time. It is important to check the sealings often, and get the stripping switched out when needed.

That being said, weatherstripping is a small investment that goes a long way! Not only does it help save a lot of money for utilities, it is guaranteed to improve comfortability for the home.

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